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Tourist Boards by Country

Anyone that has tried to find a single location for a list of the 'official' tourist boards/authorities for each country or significant tourist destination in the world will, most likely, have been disappointed. Yes, some websites have attempted to do this but, many lists are incomplete or simply out of date. We have attempted to address this by providing a comprehensive and updated list of Government sponsored or managed official tourist sites.

We have deliberately excluded countries where their only reference to tourism is a small section of a website run by one of their embassies. We have also excluded websites where we doubt the veracity of their claims to be an "official" or Governement sponsored website. However, we are human, and if anyone notices any glaring errors, please let us know and we will update the list.

Not all countries have an offical tourism website and we have elected not to provide an alternative source, given private sites tend to be too commercial, lacking any real objectivity. However, whilst some islands can't claim to be independent nations, if they have taken the time to build a tourism site, then they have been included in this list. We have also included locations that we believe are popular tourist destinations. 

This is not intended to be a definitive list of all the official tourist websites in the world, that would be a full time job, but it does list more than 200. Nonetheless, the internet is dynamic, things change quickly and resource lists get outdated. We welcome any contributions to this list, whether they be new offical websites or updates. Wherever possible, the links are defaulted to the English language version of the website.

List in alphabetical order:

Copyright for this list belongs to Car Hire Assistant, copying and publishing this list (or any part of it) will be considered a breach of this copyright unless an acknowledgement is given in the form of the author "Car Hire Assistant" and a clickable hyperlink to this website. Webmasters are, however, welcome to link to this page if they wish.

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